When Cool-FX is applied to roofs it has the ability to cool down the internal temperature of the building, by reducing the heat transfer. The heat of the full sun can cause the surface of a black roof to increase in temperature as much as 50 °C (126 °F) reaching temperatures of 70-90 °C (158-194 °F). This heat can cause negative effects on energy use and the environment. Cool-FX offers both immediate and long-term benefits.

  • Reduced building heat gain, as a white or reflective roof allow a decrease of internal building temperature of 2 to 5°C (35°F to 41°F) compared with a non-protected roof.
  • Savings of up to 15% the annual air conditioning energy use of a single-story building.
  • Improved comfort to people or animals in buildings that do not have air conditioning.
  • Gradual wear of the product and return of the roof to its original color due to weather effects so optimal heat absorption is achieved in the wintertime.
Applied to the roof, this coating cooles down your hot office building


  1. Barn roofs (galvanized, metal).
  2. Tar and gravel roofs of commercial buildings and offices.
  3. Skylights.

Cool-FX mixes very easy with clean water and can be applied in different concentrations. The product can be sprayed with standard spray equipment.The chart below offers a guideline for different applications. 

Concentration* Type of roof Area in m2 per bucket
1 to 2 Tar and gravel 250
1 to 3 Tar, metal (older) 300
1 to 4 Metal (new) 350

(* 1 part Cool-FX to # parts of water)


The removal of Cool-FX will take place gradually due to weather effects. The average amount of time for complete removal will be dependent on weather conditions and the concentration used. Cool-FX used on porous surfaces will generally take longer to completely wear off.


Cool-FX is available in 20 Kg buckets and should be kept from freezing.



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